This design of this site was originally planned out (roughly) in GIMP:

Original design plan

Unity Camera Multiplexer+Control Board

Programatically exports all cameras in a scene to textures, and generates a grid of clickable cameras in order to switch the main camera on another display, in a similar vein to live television production and vision mixers.

Screenshot of project in Unity editor

The Spatial Network

Proof of concept VR educational tool to teach fundamental concepts of Computer Networking.


KEWI (Keyboard Electronic Wind Instrument)

Experimental, DIY, computer keyboard-based wind instrument. In progress. Currently designing a clarinet/saxophone hybrid fingering system and exploring ways to implement a breath pressure sensor with hardware you likely already have around the house.

KNEO (Keyboard Numpad Electronic Ocarina)

Similar idea to the KEWI but ideally used with a dedicated USB numpad, fingerings inspired by the ocarina.