Over the years I've played a lot of instruments: piano, Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, bass guitar, guitar, to name a few. Currently, I play tenor saxophone in Drury's Jazz Ensemble I and bass clarinet in Drury's Wind Symphony and Wind Quintet.


I've been composing little songs here and there since I was 11. I started out with a little program known as OpenMPT, the open source version of 1996's MODPlug Tracker. None of them were particularly good, but that's half the fun. My current long-time project is a clarinet quartet arrangement of Arthur Farwell's Dawn, Op. 12.


Cliché Happy Song

Made for St. Louis Global Game Jam 2018.

Vox Continental

Minimal long loop test of a VST mimicking the Vox Continental.

Arturia Synclavier V

First time trying FL Studio as well.


Testing dissonance resolutions and slanted beats.

Vectorman 2 - Tornado (Remix)

Composed by the great Jon Holland. Made this when I was 15, decided to keep it simple.

Quirky Mambo Style Demo

Made with (if I recall) a free VST mimicking the sound of the old Davolisint synthesizers. Got a few patterns in before I realized it would be better suited to different instrumentation.


Off the cuff playing I was recording at the time. Found a cool pad, it needed cool chords.

Tanganyika Strut

Unfinished arrangement of a Curtis Fuller tune (Made in MuseScore, really fun program).

Telefang Extra Channels

When I heard the "Craft Research Center" theme from Keitai Denju Telefang, on the Game Boy Color, I started hearing this version in my head, since the original was so empty sounding. This is probably what it would sound like if they had just three more channels to work with on the good old Sharp LR35902.